John R. Fox

Digital Work in an Analog World (Second Edition now available) is the first book written by software veteran John R. Fox. Fox’s expertise and focus is leveraging psychology within the field of software engineering.

Fox launched his career as a systems programmer in the 1980s with Sperry Univac Defense Systems (now Lockheed Martin) where he focused on operating system and compiler development. He went on to work for Wilson Learning and Young America Corporation. John also co-founded Boomerang Marketing, an Internet-based incentive company.

Fox currently is Executive Vice President at SWAT Solutions and is a mentor for the Minnesota Emerging Software Advisory Group that works with startup software companies. All told, Fox has developed a well-rounded technical knowledge base by holding nearly every job within the software development field at one time or another.

Fox is a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN and holds a B.A. degree in Psychology with a minor in Computer Science. He lives in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

John may be reached, via email, at